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A Presentation by Doctor Bokobsa the Head Surgeon at the Jaques Monod Hospital in Le Havre France

Doctor Bokobsa is the Head of the surgery department in the French Hospital Group which is the most important Communiary hospital in France. Doctor Bokobsa does all types of Bariatric surgery.

The initial method of Bariatric surgery is Lap Band. The secondary most popular surgery would be Gastric sleeve. The most popular surgery is the Gastric bypass.

Doctor Bokobsa records every one of the outcomes of all of every one of his operations operated on from 1998. The average prior to surgery patients weight is 125 Kilo and following six years the average is 92 kilo.

For Gastric Banding a special band is positioned around the stomach creating a small pouch which will dilate when you eat making your stomach feel full so you stop eating.

With Gastric Sleeves we remove four fifths of the stomach and we create a tube and in the procedure take away the element of the stomach usually produces a hormone known as ghrelin which normally stimulates the appetite so when you take away this hormone the patient simply does not want to eat as much as before.

At the start the patient’s weight is most important, it’s more important because the gastric sleeve is the best type of procedure for the very very large patient and you can see after six year the weight is around 90 Kilo.

For a Gastric ByPass you cut the stomach, and you leave a pouch and a remnant, you do not take away any area of the stomach so it’s possible to reverse the procedure after. The average weight loss after 6 years is 50 Kilo.
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