Crutch Alternatives After Injury

Crutch Alternative #1 – The Hands Free Crutch

If you want to have the best chance for mobility and freedom while recovering from your injury the Hands Free Crutch may be the best option for you. You can imagine it as similar to a pirate’s wooden leg. Although it is more comfortable, sturdier, and much more high-tech. It works by giving you a supportive platform to which you can kneel and rest your injured foot. It straps tightly on the thigh of your injured leg providing a sense of security in every step.

The great thing about this is, once you get the hang of it, you can easily walk nearly everywhere. Going up and down the stairs? Not a problem. You can even take it in the shower. And because you don’t have to hold anything with your hands, you now have full use of your hands. Carrying a plate, a drink, or even playing with the kids is now possible. You can open doors for yourself and rummage through cupboards again. You can sit easily and bend down from the waist. You can even push your glasses up your nose without having to stop. How’s that compare with crutches?

Crutch Alternative #2 – The Knee Scooter

Since the Hands Free Crutch requires a few days to get accustomed to and you need to be fairly physically active with a good sense of balance, it may not be for everyone.
If you’d like to be free from crutches and get better mobility, check out the Knee Scooter (also known as a Knee Walker or Roll-about). There are a lot of brands out there, but the best ones have the following features:
– They turn easily like a bike
– Stable and easily adjustable
– Comfortable and have adjustable foam pads
– Large wheels that can glide over carpet and uneven surfaces
– They are portable, easily transported and stored away
Knee Scooters are easy to use and would allow you some free hand as you navigate around your house. It gives you a platform to which you can kneel & rest your injured leg while your other leg pushes against the ground to move the scooter forward. Look for a model that is not too bulky. Since there are a lot of brands out there, do your research and check out reviews before you buy.

Crutch Alternative # 3 – The Seated Scooter

If you can’t bear weight on your hip, knee, foot or ankle, but can sit comfortably, then this is the alternative for you. The Hands Free Crutch and Knee Scooter both requires you to be able to kneel. If kneeling is not possible, then you can consider the seated scooter. This is similar to the knee scooter in both function and design, but you sit instead of kneeling.
Some guidelines to choosing your seated scooter:
– Must turn easily like a bike
– Must be stable and easily adjustable
– Have large comfortable seats
– Large wheels that can glide over carpet and uneven surfaces
– Portable, easy to transport or store
The Seated Scooter and the Knee Scooter usually come with a basket.
You don’t need to be stuck with the pain of using crutches. Do your research, look for reviews, and check out prices. You can even rent these devices. Say goodbye to crutches and hello to relief!

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